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07-09-05, 20:24
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post as im home alone at the minute and am feeling really really low.

Its been getting worse the last couple of days and ive been feeling lower each day what with the worry of having a panic attack and the constant dizzyness.

Im in tears and i dont know why.

My ifinaces work interviewed a girl to help with admin (it is an all male office) and for some stupid reason im worrying about it - i hate the thought that he will be spending more time with another femal than he will with me, that she will be prettier than me, funnier etc etc etc I hate thinking like this as it is pathetic.

I start anxiety managment next week which should be a good thing and i should be looking forward to it . but im having thoghts about what if it doesnt help me etc etc. I have now also got to have a medical examination with rgerads to my incapasity benifit which im a little worried about.

the burning sensations have come back on my arms again (which i got when i was really really low) and ive never ever self harmed before but ive just put a rubber band on my wrist to ping which has left marks - i dont wanna start doing this,

Im sorry i just feel really low and alone.

Tatty B xx

07-09-05, 20:35
Hi Tatty

Im sorry your feeling so low hunny, these thoughts are just paranoid ones I know Ive had them myself my boyf is a chef and works with waitresses!!. So I fully understand hun!. We tend to feel like this because our self esteem can be low-I can guarantee you he loves you its you he lives with and spends time with-try and not think like this as the thoughts will only escalate and if your imagination is like mine it will go haywire!. Trust him has he ever given you reason not too?.

HUG KirstX

07-09-05, 20:39
HI Kirsty,

Thanks - I know what you are saying is true and I dont wanna feel the way I do about it, I just wish i could change my thoughts. My self -esteem is so so low at the minute that its hard to understand why he would want to be with me, when this new girl will be dressed up looking smart all day and spending time with each other - god i know how pathetic i am sounding and i just wish i didnt feel this way.[V] Doesnt help that he's gone out to football when i really wish he was here to give me a cuddle.

Tatty B xx

07-09-05, 20:45
hi Tatty,

We all feel jealous about silly things like that - I have done loads of times in the past!! I'm sure once your medical examination is out of the way, you will calm down and start to feel 'normal' again. It's normal to feel low when a few things get on top of you. All the best.

Sarah :D

"Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

07-09-05, 20:52
Hi Tattty

I get jealous too,thinking my husband will find someone more attractive/fun/better than me.He is very sociable and women all love him.I trust him but i cant help feeling like that sometimes.I used to get in a right state if he went on a night out.
So dont worry,we all have these feelings im sure from time to time

07-09-05, 21:43
I can relate to the jealousy thing, and yes I agree its down to that self esteem thing....

You will feel better, but you must tell him how you feel.

pm me if you want to chat

take care
JO x

08-09-05, 08:02
I totally understand how you feel I always think someone with no problems will come along and he'll ditch me for someone with no issues but hey weve all got them!!. PM me if you want a chat hun, If I was you I would share your feelings with him.....XKX

08-09-05, 09:37
Hi Tat,

Sorry your feeling a litle low at the mo - you have been making good progress though haven't you lately, so its not unusual to take a step sideways every now and again.

Don't fret your head about a female in your fiance's office - he's with you cos you're special, so you just continue being you.

Love Piglet xx

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"Supposing it didn't," said Pooh after careful thought.

08-09-05, 10:21
Hi Tatty,
Im sorry to hear you are feeling low hun, think of it as just a blip on your road to recovery. And as for your fiancee, dont worry about that at all, he chose to be with you and obviously loves you very much, you wouldnt be engaged otherwise, he may have to work with a female, but it is you he spends his free time with because he wants to.
Take care hun
Trac xx

its "just a thought"

10-09-05, 10:49
hi Tatty,

it is just low self esteem causing these thoughts.. its normal so dont beat yourself up over it..
u probably have visions of this girl being the answer to all mens dreams but the reality is probably that she is just normal and she might look like a dogs dinner!
the point it, your man asked you to marry him because he wants you and he loves you. take comfort in that - he loves you for the special person that you are.

big hugs,

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10-09-05, 11:10
How are you doing Tatty? A little better I hope :D

"Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

10-09-05, 15:06
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your support.

I am doing a lot better - I think i was just haveing a few down days where everything just gets blown out of proportion!

Thanks for all your support. :D

Tatty B xx