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27-06-09, 16:19
Hi, hope it,s ok to put this on here .MYfuture son in law is getting him self in a right state, he has recently been made redundant and he,s getting married to my daughter next year, no redundency pay as he was,nt there long enough to get it.Anyway went to sign on and has now had a letter back saying he his not entitled to any benefits, he has applied for other jobs but no luck at the moment, surely he should get something even if it,s the basic . he has always worked even when he was at uni, but they are sayi ng it,s because of his n.i. contributions, i do,nt get it. Any advice i would appreciate cos bless him , he is getting him self in a right state. Thankyou in advance.:shrug:

27-06-09, 18:16
Hi domino

As much as we think this government is s**te, they wouldn't leave anyone without any income at all.

If he has not gathered enough NI contributions to get Job seekers allowance, then he should be entitled to income support, which apparently is the same amount of money. I think (although I could be wrong), that the JSA people are maybe different from the income support people:blush:

Get him to take a look here: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTaxAndBenefits/BenefitsTaxCreditsAndOtherSupport/BeginnersGuideToBenefits/index.htm

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27-06-09, 20:53
Thankyou for the information, had a quick look myself will forward to him , thanks again.:yesyes:

28-06-09, 19:03
Hi Domino,

i'm no expert on benefits but i do know that the law states that any individual must have a minimum income to live on - not sure what that income is and as Elspeth states the benefits system complicated but seek advice - Citizens Advice are very good. Hope this helps.

02-07-09, 09:16
Update, well he went to seek advice , and he was told no benefits will be paid due to him living with my daughter who works more then 24hrs a week, or spilt up and he will get 80 .00 a week from next month.:mad: Hummmmmmmmmmmm, well if he we,re foreign would that be the case, sorry but it does make me wonder what this world is coming to. On the plus side he has a job interveiw on the 13th .