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29-06-09, 09:16
Hi I'm due to start on Olanzapine for anxiety today and wondered if anyone else is on this medication and if so, did it help. I'm really anxious about taking this as I've had awful side effects from numerous meds.
Many thanks.

29-06-09, 11:28
Hi Louise, I took this for a year ,and at first I felt a little bit tired ,but not too bad.It did help take the edge off for a while .After about 10months it wasnt so effective and I was put on Ssri s.I seem to react strongly to a lot of meds too,but didnt to the olanzapine. Hope this helps.All the best Sue x

29-06-09, 17:29
Hi Sue,
Many thanks for replying.
I'm really anxious about taking this, but will do so tonight and see how I get on.
Louise x