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30-06-09, 18:10
Since upping my dose of anafranil my mouth is so dry its like i've been eating sand. Anyone know if this goes off with time and any ideas how to deal with it apart from constantly eating sweets etc


02-07-09, 00:17
hi joy,
hope the med is doing some kind of good? i had the dry mouth for a few weeks-mostly all the time i was on it,maybe your dose is way higher than mine thou-cant recall what i was on-just remember drinking loads of water-which isnt to exciting a drink!
stick with it things should improve
take care
pete x
p.s nardil is ok no great side effects,think my dose is to low-im on the min of 45mg a day-for SA i think a good 75mg is needed-i will plod on with life:shades:

05-07-09, 17:28
Hi Pete

I'm impressed that you are sticking with the Nardil. with no side effects you should be able to increase it soon.

Dunno if the Anafranil is gonna do anygood but I'm happy to note today is the first day my mouth hasnt been so dry so maybe that side effect is wearing off before i'm forced to buy shares in chewing gum!!!!!

Love Joy

16-07-09, 19:55
Ever since increasing my dosage of anafranil my mouth has been dry and my tongue really hurts as if its been burnt. As a side effect several chemists have said its not likely to improve altho the shrink said it probably would. Annoyingly it seems to be helping the anxiety so I;m between a rock and a hard place

Any body had this problem?


28-07-09, 11:58
Hi Joy, I'm new here. I've had this problem too. Currently on 75mgs but drinking 3 litres of water a day to combat the thirst and dry mouth. I'm sorry to say I don't think it goes away. I've been on Clomip for 3.5 months.

28-07-09, 21:15
hi Wayne

Saw shrink last week and he has changed the meds to lofepramide, my tongue no longer hurts and my mouth isnt half as dry. All I need now for it to ease the anxiety