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01-07-09, 06:12
I just wanted to post to say that I have read so many negatives about paroxetine and I'd like to post my (so far) positive story.

In a nutshell, I've had forms of anxiety including health anxiety and a serious driving phobia for about 6 or 7 years. I had the worst bout of anxiety lasting from about October to January(constant panic attacks and other symptoms). Even after I got out of that horrible time, I still had anxiety and had no motivation to do anything. I attributed it all to my life situation and just pitied myself rather than do anything about it.

I've been seeing a doctor every 2 months since October and I'm constantly going in complaining of symptoms. Not necessarily the health anxiety but just an overall feeling of fatigue, aches and pains, etc. My doctor finally came right out and suggested that I try paroxetine. I immediately panicked because of all the bad stuff that I had read. He assured me that he would never put me on something that would harm me and that when it comes time to come off of it, we will do it slowly and gradually.

So I started taking it about 3 weeks ago. Only 10mg and I felt so much better already in the first week. I just couldn't imagine that all my symptoms were depression(even though I was feeling pretty low but in denial). I have gone out with friends numerous times since I started the medication and done many things that I haven't done for a long time. I am starting to feel like my "old self" if that makes any sense. I'm even doing much much better with my driving...I've noticed that I just hop in the car now and don't even think about it or obsess.

The bottom line is that medications affect people differently. I'm sure you can dig up any horror stories about any medication. When I was considering taking this medication, I did a lot of research...particularly on this forum. I couldn't find too much positive material so this is another reason I decided to post this.

As for the horror stories of coming off of this medication, well I can't comment on that. Maybe I'll have a story to tell whenever that point of my life comes. But for now, I'm enjoying the effect that this "poison" called paroxetine is having on my life so far! :)

Good luck to all!

04-07-09, 00:21
At least you have made an informed choice . which is more than was available to me in 1997 when I first went on it. Personally I wish I had never taken it. yeah it seems great for a while but then it comes back to bite you!

27-08-09, 11:51
I was the same, got put onto 10mg and I was really worried about taking it as all the horror stories.
But it has done me so much good. :D

05-10-09, 19:26
I was on Seroxat many years ago, and found them wonderful. I had none of the heightened anxiety going on them that I had with Lexapro. Had no real problems coming off either, just a little dizzy for a few days. Well done to your doc for prescribing them, most run a mile, missing out on a valuable treatment option.

If I ever use AD's again I'll be insisting on Seroxat

06-10-09, 16:14
The bottom line is....that everyone reacts differently to different medication,especially anti-deps.I've been on seroxat for 12 days,starting with 20mg and now 30mg.I feel much better (so far)....so I think the point to remember is that some anti-deps suit some people and others don't.

15-10-09, 22:10
Yes, Fishman I completely agree! I just get upset when I see some people on here totally bashing a certain medication because it didn't work well for them or caused bad side effects. That doesn't happen to everyone. I read so much bad stuff on here before I got on it that I was so scared when the doctor suggested it. But it's been 4 months now and all is well!! :)

29-10-09, 13:58
Hi Girlrock

Thanks for your update on Seroxat, I'm going to be taking it myself again soon (need to titrate off existing meds). It worked well for me in the past so my doc is bravely prescribing it for me, though i don't think it one he uses much. It's up to me at the end of the day which med i take. Lexapro was the last med i took, it worked, but it took months with me on the highest possible dose.

Hope your still doing well


10-01-10, 14:34
Glad to hear something positive about Seroxat. I have been on it for 15 years & it is now just part of my life. Would like to be strong enough to come off it eventually, just not at the moment.

10-12-10, 07:05
Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've logged in because I'm doing so well! I just wanted to post a quick update on my Paxil story. I started on 10mg in June of 2009. The doctor upped me to 20mg in July of 2010 only because I was complaining of sleeping for too many hours. I've come to realize that it has to be the paroxetine that is causing this. After he upped the dose, I started sleeping for even MORE hours.

Other than that...my biggest gripe is the weight gain. In June '09, I was 124 lbs (about a size 5/6). Now I'm currently 147 lbs (about a size 11/12). It's all in my belly too! Right where my pants button! SO ANNOYING!!! I look like I'm 6 months pregnant, I swear.

I've been coping with it. I had a goal to not go over 140 but when I reached 142 at my last doctor appointment...I was devastated. I've been staying away from the scale as not to relapse with anxiety or depression but I got on tonight (pants just keep getting tighter and tighter) and that is when I found the 147.

I still consider myself to be a paroxetine success story. I DID get rid of my anxiety for the most part before I even got on the drug but once I got on it, I felt better in ways I didn't even realize I could! It made me realize that all of those feelings I lived with for years and years were not NORMAL as I had previously thought. I'd really hate to go off of it but it's going to have to happen due to the weight gain. I'm getting married next October so I don't want to look like a pregnant bride!! :D

Good luck to everyone out there battling anxiety and depression, especially HA. Remember, if one drug doesn't work for you, try another. Just because Paxil worked for me, doesn't mean it will work for everyone! Keep trying! There is hope out there!