View Full Version : endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy ????

02-07-09, 19:07
it seems that i have to have both these procedures on the same day :ohmy:
oh god i am scared of the pain and also of sedation. dont they usually do them on seperate days?
the doctor when i last saw him put a finger up my backside and that was bad enough.
today i recieved some info and an enema through the post. apparently the nurse comes to my house in the morning and gives me the enema and then i go to hospital for 2pm. it says not to eat or drink after 7:30 am . i go faint and dizzy if i go three hours without eating normally.
how long would i be at the hospital do you think?
i may not be able to do it i am really scared :weep:

02-07-09, 19:18
I have had a sigmoidoscopy without sedation and it was uncomfortable but not unbearable.

I am not sure why they are giving you both on the same day - seems a bit much to me!

Keep your fluids up and maybe suck on ice pops for the morning.

You will get through it I promise.

Good luck

02-07-09, 20:04
I have also had a sigmoidoscopy without sedation. Endoscopy with sedation definitely for obvious reasons. I suggest that you take someone with you so that they can be there when you recover. the hospital wont discharge you until your blood pressure is normal and that you have had some tea and toast. I hope it goes well for you.

02-07-09, 20:32
Please try not to worry too much about the sigmoidoscopy. I've had 3 and although I can think of better ways to spend an afternoon, they're not as bad as I anticipated the first time and don't take too long to do. I'm sure there will be a nurse to hold your hand whilst you have it.
I've had numerous endoscopies, all under sedation. (Not sure if they do them without sedation)
As for the eating and drinking, I usually try and drink as much as I can before the deadline they give, so the time you've been given will give you enough time to have fluids and some toast and biscuits, for example.
Good luck!

02-07-09, 21:17
They can do endoscopies without sedation but it is more difficult to pass the tube down if you are aware of what is happening. Some people prefer to have it done without sedation however as their recovery is quicker and they can leave hospital sooner.