View Full Version : Trazadone - 50mg

06-07-09, 17:08
I have been prescribed this to take at night along with mirtazapine 45mg, has anybody any experience of taking the two together, or even just the trazadone at 50mg?


07-07-09, 11:08
hi banana
i started off trazadone at100mg at night 4 years ago and im up to 250mg now and apart from being a little dozy in morning at first i can recall no side effects and it definately helped me sleep and stay relaxed during day.
it was a long trek through ssris until a consultant thought we will try him on trazadone and ive never looked back,one thing make sure uve something in stomach when taking the trazadone as if not it makes u a hell of a dizzy for 20 mins and let me know how your getting on ok