View Full Version : No Orgasm ?

07-07-09, 11:28
Im getting a bit worried, ive been on seroxat for 7 weeks now and ive been on it before, when i was first on it i couldnt orgasm but i never lost interest in sex, it did come back that was about 6 years ago.
ive been put back on it and its happening again but this time im with a new partner of 3 months, he knows all about the med im on and my problems with anxiety, hes very understanding about it, but im getting so frustrated.
you know what its like when your with a new partner you act like 16 year olds lol.
has anyone had this problem???
im on 20mg and the docs want me to up it to 30 but i havnt yet because of this problem.

07-07-09, 11:38
Hi there

I def remember having this - you have the interest but you cant get the result

07-07-09, 12:15
yea bab did you get over it?

09-07-09, 22:45
unfortunately not on seroxat but apart from that the drug really worked its just frustrating - scuse the pun xx

22-07-09, 01:55
Just wanted to say that the doctor specifically told me about this when I was put on paroxetine. I was worried about my sex drive all together but he said that I might have trouble reaching orgasm. He just said, "He's going to have to work a little harder at it." I have noticed that he was correct. I'm sure there's no cure but just try to relax and not think about it so much. The more you concentrate on the finish line, the harder it will be. Just relax and enjoy as much as possible :)

22-07-09, 08:52
happens to blokes aswell :P

just takes more time but once youve done it the first time it gets easyer and easyer

13-11-09, 20:34
Definately the same for men, much more difficult but still possible. I found when i weaned down towards 15mg it was no longer a problem, i seem to notice 20mg is the threshold. good luck!

19-11-09, 13:49
Yep having this problem too,the interest is there but no result at the end....and if there is its dulled.I'm on 30mg of seroxat and have been for about 7 to 8 weeks.Had this too with citalopram but not for as long as this.