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07-07-09, 18:50
BUSPIRONE 5mg My Doc just put me on this drug. It doesn't seem to be doing anything at all and I still need valium.

Anyone had any positive experience of this drug?

08-07-09, 01:09
I know it takes a while to get into your system. I was on it for a while and felt better initially, but then my anxiety came back.....so I am not sure if it was all in my head that it was working? I was taking 10mg a day then upped it to 20mg and still...anxiety was there.
I stopped. I also know it is non-narchotic and was told it was safe to take during pregnancy. That is all I know...and I am sorry that I could not be of more help.

08-07-09, 11:04
Thats ok. At least you took the trouble to reply..Thanks for that. :hugs:

08-07-09, 12:49
If you want to read other replies use the search facility or scroll down to the bottom of this page for similar threads.

Loads of posts about it.

09-07-09, 00:22
Ok thanks for that information. I'm not very good at this forum lark.

09-07-09, 13:27
This may help Mark..