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17-09-05, 10:08
Ok - I'm on my way into town to visit my favourite shop Holland & Barrett! Before I spend a fortune though I wanted to ask a question - its a bit of stupid one though so please accept my apologies!!

I have read on here that 50mg Vitamin B is good for anxiety along with Vitamin C and Omega 3 (i think!). What I was wondering though was whether or not the '50mg' part was important? The reason I ask is that I have already purchased 100mg Vit B (haven't been taking them though!). I did say it was a stupid question! Also is there any particular strength of the Vit C and Omega 3 that I should get?

Oh and one last question - is it ok to take these while using Kalms?

Thanks in advance (and sorry for being dozey!!)

17-09-05, 10:46

Just check that all the components of the Vit B are 50-100 mg.
B1,2 ,6,12. What you've already got seems fine

Vit C mainly if you're a smoker or need an immune boost and the usual fish oils will be fine

Yes it is ok to use with Kalms


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17-09-05, 10:48
Thanks Meg!

I suppose I'd better go and spend some money now!