View Full Version : loss of sex drive

15-07-09, 16:07
hello can anyone help me ive been on sertraline 150 mg for as long as i can remember and it has made my sex drive drop to an all time low,
ive taken myself off them for a week now and my sex drive has returned, but ive been feeling shock like sensations all over my body and my mood has dropped too.
does anyone know how i can carry on with these tablets and still have my drive?
it is very embarrising for me but very frustrating for me and my husband too.
thankyou for reading this..

25-07-09, 00:58
Hi Katie, I just posted to you on another thread. I too have no sex drive while taking sertraline - I wish I could say I found something that helps :weep:

Just wanted to say you're not alone in this x