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17-09-05, 20:20
[8D]as any body heard of the above named flower essences i brought one called emergency essence yesterday and put two drops on the tongue as it said on the bottle but have felt a sore throat and feel more dizzy than usual is this normal


07-10-05, 17:20
Sorry mili, I don't know this one.

I take SJW made by AVogel (or Bioforce was their previous name). I was recommended by a friend who gave me a bottle of the tincture. It doesn't taste very nice, but it really works. Sorry I don't know jan de vries. :)


07-10-05, 17:58
Hey Mili,

I have heard of jan de vries, I believe he is very good in complementary medicine, although i havent heard of his emergency essence.

I'm sure it is ok though, as i would of thought it is mainly natural ingredients??

tracy x x

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08-10-05, 10:07
Hi Mili

I have used these essence and find they help. I put 5 drops on my tongue and have never had a problem. For me they have helped more then Rescue Remedy, but then some things work better than others for different people. I have also used Passiflora as well.

Best Wishes

J. Farmer