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18-09-05, 02:41
Hi. I am HOPING someone here can help with this question.

I currently take paxil 40 mg and klonopin .5 mg every night.

I just lost my father 6 months ago and have been engaged in horrible family battles over his estate.

Months ago, I was terribly anxious about my dad's upcoming memorial service and the doctor gave me .25 pills of xanax as a stop gap to get me through it.

She told me NOT to take anymore than .25 at a time, since I"m already on .5 of klonopin and she said that benzo's don't mix.

LAST NIGHT we had a "family meeting." I was very nervous about it because i have a lot of rage. So I took 1 .25, then anotehr, then another, a total of .75 of xanax.

Today I am spacey and tired and lethargic. And i"m a little worried becuase I took 3x more than the doctor told me i could.

I don't realy want to tel my doctor yet that i did this. and i 'm wondering if anyone here knows about mixing benzo's like I just did.
thanks for any help.

18-09-05, 10:14
hi Elena,

I'm not an expert but I don't think you should worry too much. If anything were to have happened as a consequence, I think it would have happened soon after taking them. I'm sure it's normal to feel lethargic and spaced out but I'd guess that the worse has passed..

Sarah :D

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19-09-05, 06:16
thanks sarah! if felt better today. i was worried that i had done something to my brain!! well i guess none of us know what thee drugs really do.... ahhhhhhhhhhhh. thansk So much for taking the time to write to me!!

19-09-05, 08:59
No, you're ok but don't make a habit of it.

The spaced out and zombie effect is what its suppossed to do but not quite as much.


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19-09-05, 14:28
Hi Elena and welcome to the site.

I find that the folks here can give you a lot of comfort, and quite understand the difficult times you are going through.

Take Care,


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