View Full Version : Anyone else take Doxepin/sinequan?

09-01-04, 18:33
just wondered if anyone was on doxepin/sinequan and if it was helping?
im on it currently at 50mg but my doctor is aiming to gradually get my up to 100mg.

09-01-04, 20:09

I am moving this post to medication as that is what it is about.

Sorry but I have no knowledge of it


10-01-04, 15:32
whoops sorry didnt spot the medication section.

10-01-04, 17:24
No probs OMH - just easier to find things that way

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04-07-06, 15:24
Hi There

I have tried it,
I felt like i was working in the mine for the whole day.
Very bad experience with Sinequan(Doxepin)
I am on Anafranil(Clomipramine) at the moment and i have to say that's the best drug i have ever tried,been on Seroxat,Zoloft previously and did not wor at all,moreover made me mora anxious etc.
Anafranil has helped me to return into my previous life.
Older drugs do not mean that they are less effective further more i can say more effective in my case.

Sebastian Liwinski :):):):):):):)

25-06-08, 12:39
I'm taking 200mg in one dose at bedtime. This helps with insomnia, but I suspect this is not enough. Note I weight 84kg, so this dose is about 2.38mg/kg.