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23-09-05, 11:21
Ok Guys!

I'm having a bit of a down day today so I'm looking at what else I can take so that next month can be a bit better!

I am currently taking Omega Oils 3+6+9 which also contain Evening Primrose Oil. It doesn't state the dosage of evening primrose but I was wondering if I would be able to take Evening Primrose on top of this? I've got a huge bottle of 1000mg in my cupboard which are going to waste and it they can level my moods off a bit I want to get them in me!!

Any advice appreciated!

23-09-05, 12:33

I take 1000mg evening primrose primarily for pre menstrual probs, so I'm not sure about taking 2 different products together.

Could you ring your local Health Food Shop?

I would have thought they could help or maybe NHS Direct?

Just a thought

Hope your day is improving!


23-09-05, 12:50
Thanks Elaine

I've just emailed Holland & Barrett to see if they can advise. I've noticed on the bottle of Evening Primrose oil though that you can take 1-3 tablets per day so perhaps if I took 2 it would be fine?

I think I also need it for pre-mentrual reasons. My anxiety isn't too much of an issue (well every other day it isn't!) but my moods are up and down and 'that time of the month' is due to arrive any minute now!!

How many do you take?

Thanks again!

24-09-05, 16:48
I take one 1000mg capsule a day!

It says 1 - 3 on the bottle, but one seems to be helping!

The vegetarian ones.