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10-01-04, 17:13
hello everyone.

im not on medication, but most of the people on here are. im not being judgemental, but to me it doesnt sound like its helping much. it might be but this is just my opinion.
all of you seem to have different meds, and maybe you should work out what one seem to work the best. i know that if you take vitamins with B2, B5, B6, B12, A ,D,E,C and all the other things you get in vitamins tablets that they work a treat. ive only had three and i have to take them everyday, so they DO work i havent paniced in three days, since ive started them. i have 'basset's soft and chewy, raspberry flavour, they dont taste that great but you get used to them.

i really, really want you lot to try these and see how they work for you, cause they're helping me already.

all the best.
hugs ratchit aka rachel

10-01-04, 18:08

Are you talking about vitamins or some kind of other pill?

Sorry I am a bit confused?


10-01-04, 18:22

There is no one drug that would suit everybody - you need to take into consideration other health issues as well. E.G. some people can't take beta-blockers if they have asthma.

I agree that taking vitamins is very important and Meg will highly recommend Vitamin B.

Glad to hear that you are panic free - well done!


10-01-04, 18:28
i think rachel,is talking about multi vitamins.

they are very good for you,but most people on here,have deep rooted problems,and therefore,need other avenues of treatment,combined with a vitamin B complex,and some form of therapy.

but,rachel,if there working for you,then thats great news..keep us posted...best wishes..bryan.

10-01-04, 19:41
Have to say if it was only that easy by takeing vitamins and panic goes then there would be no need for this web site.

yes taking vits is a great help and they have helped me get healthier and to be able to cope more with the anxiety. But as bryan says its a lot more complicated than just takeing vitamins.
But if they are helping you then thats great.

Take care


11-01-04, 11:57
I would disagree with you that everyone on this site isn't successful with their med. Taking effexor has been the brilliant for me. I feel so much more positive, the cloud of doom has lifted from my head, i don't come home from work crying anymore because I've panicked and looked stupid, and I don't feel weak anymore. Admittedly, i've not been in a panic provoking incident for a while and do rely a bit on the beta-blockers aswell ... but i feel probably 90% better!

They certainly don't work for everyone, but they're doing pretty good for me.

11-01-04, 12:14
Hi Kd,

I'm so pleased that your meds have been helping you so much.

The latest research does advocate meds in combination with CBT. It's a fact that millions of people are having great relief with meds.

I wish you continued good progress.


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12-01-04, 15:24
Cipralex has been a life saver for me. I still get anxious but no panic attacks anymore. I am also going to do a course of CBT at the end of Jan.


14-01-04, 03:06
My Sertraline has been magic. I also take multi vits too.

I can really feel an improvement. More get up and go and way less crying and worrying.
I still get anxious, suffer with the heavily thumping heartbeat and the shakes.
But as yet no panic attack since December 1st.

Medication is very trial and error. Some work well, some don't work at all and some make you feel a whole lot worse.

Love, light and Best wishes
Liz xxx

[:p] Panic Monster & Scatty Excentric

14-01-04, 22:28
hi rachel

I think "how does the medication work" is a very good question. Although as you can see it helps different people in many different ways. But it's good practice to look into these things, unfortunately I've never taken medication so I can't answer your question.

I will say one thing though; keep asking questions, the more knowledge you gain on your condition then the more power you will have to defeat it.


15-01-04, 23:49
Hi Rachel,

Is this what you meant?

Some times medication works by holding on to Serotonin (the chemical in your brain that keeps you feeling happy) longer, so that you feel happier. These are called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor or SSRI.

Sometimes medication works by "fooling" your brain into relaxing because it works by making your body relax, (like valium for example).

Sometimes medication works by taking away the symptoms of anxiety, it stops you shaking or takes away palputations. (Propranolol for example).

Sometimes medication works by just being a tablet, it doesn't contain anything useful to make you better, but because you think it does, then it works. (Placebo effect.)

Vitamins for example work by giving you a boost of chemicals that you may be lacking in, and some of these chemicals can help to beat depression and anxiety.

Love, light and Best wishes
Liz xxx

[:p] Panic Monster & Scatty Eccentric

18-01-04, 17:40
I dont take medication but what should i take to help cut down on my PAs. What do ya have that works.