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28-07-09, 16:13
Hi I'm 49 male my resting heart rate is between 50/53 is this due to my
medications for angina

Bisoprolol 10mg 1 Daily
Aspirin 75mg 1 Daily
Isosorbide mononitrate modified 60mg 2 Daily
Clopidogrel 75mg 1 Daily
Tildiem LA 200mg capsules 2 Daily these was put up yesterday
Lansoprazole 30mg 1 Daily
Nicorandil 20mg 2 Daily
Simvastatin 80mg at Night
Nitromin Spray

28-07-09, 16:26
i would say that your slow rate could be the meds.......I'm on bisop/ aspirin/iso and statin and my heart rate at rest is around the 55 mark ......dont worry xx

28-07-09, 16:30
Ok pammy1944 thanks for quick reply :hugs:

30-07-09, 15:44
Not sure what all those are, but if there's a beta blocker in there, that'll slow the rate down.

My dad's rate is right down in the 40s! after the meds he's on following a bypass op a few years back. Think it's the beta blockers amongst other things.