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29-07-09, 11:16
hi guys,

i suffer from ocd, and anxiety/panic and have just swithed over from citalopram to anafranil, starting at 30mg a night. I have found over the last few nights i have woken up about 2 hours after going to sleep in a real state of panic, like i've never had before. its continued into this morning and its quite bad.

Has anyone else had this side effect? does it go away?


29-07-09, 11:20

I had that when I started taking prozac - it did wear off in the end. Sometimes medication makes the anxiety worse before it gets better.

I've just had my medication increased and am more anxious again - although not as bad - Am hoping it will pass like before so am just hanging in there

20-08-09, 21:50
Hi I am just starting on clomipramine tonight and have been recommended to take a dose of 10mg every day for a week then increase it by 10mg a week until I have reached the right dose. My doctor is really good and wasn't quite sure if citalopram was working properly for me so has switched me over after asking the advice of a psychiatrist. I also have a psychiatric nurse who is being very supportive - I really was at the end of my tether trying to cope yet again with increasing on citalopram and had no trouble getting support from the nurse after talking it through with my doctor...perhaps you should try this route as it really does make a difference having support from a qualified nurse and I can ring her anytime during the day for a chat if I am concerned about things until I feel like I'm making progress. If you feel like you are really battling it out and struggling why don't you try that route, it's very reassuring?

Good luck, it can be hard finding the right tablet but I think it is quite usual to struggle for a few weeks until the tablet settles down in your system.

Tricky Vicky