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29-07-09, 23:48
Here's a film my husband made of one of our cats, Tigger (the name he came from Cats Protection with, rest of the family call him Dr Jenkins but I felt he'd been through enough without a name change).

Our lives are a misery until we give his treat of prawns in the morning. Yes, it's mad to feed your cat prawns but I can't help myself. He'd been taken to CP, aged 5, with another cat he'd always lived with. Someone took the other cat and left poor Tiggs all alone until we came along.

He's very nervous and the young cat next door is making things hell for him just now by chasing him constantly, so I don't feel (very) guilty about spoiling him.


03-08-09, 16:04
Awww hes gorgeous!!! Love the vid :yesyes:

03-08-09, 16:27
Lol that is sooooo cute! I love the noises :roflmao: