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27-09-05, 19:22

I have been priscribed with 15mg Mirtazapine I have had them for 7 weeks but have been frighten to tale them because I was scared of the effects I was reasured by my doctor that they were fine and would take at least 2 week to go in my system I have just decided after much consideration to take them, I started last night but felt quite disorintated after today I have felt tired I am know frighten to take another one tonight, Has anyone else had this medication? am i just being anxious

Karen c

27-09-05, 21:40
I don't take the same meds as you but I felt sick after the first pill and I felt as scared as you to take any more. Also my anxiety was a whole lot worse. The doctor told me to keep taking them and it would be hard to come off as the anxiety would be back but even worse than before. After about a week they settled down. Now after 4 weeks I'm feeling much better but my point is that sometimes these things make things worse before they get better.