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27-09-05, 20:05

Has anyone one here suffered with Derealization. This Is one of my main problems. I had a bout of it before but it dissapeared after taking Cipramil. Its returned for me lately after quitting Effexor. Im determined not to pay it too much attention or it will just stay with me. Has anyone managed to overcome this without medication. Will it dissapear if I stop thinking Inward and start thinking outward?

Hope this makes sense!!

27-09-05, 20:09
Hi yep that makes total sense!

I think this is my main problem too, I am talking to my therapist about it on Friday so will let you know!!

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28-09-05, 06:45
I suffer from this as well.

One thing I will say: this is my second time through with GAD. I beat it once, and was anxiety symptom free for about 3 years.

I did it without medication last time, and I'm attempting to do it again this time as well. So far it's been hmmm... 3 weeks? Anyway, I'm already feeling MUCH better than I was 3 weeks ago (or even one for that matter). I can eat again, the derealization is much less already.

I go through ups and downs for sure, but it's getting better. So far all I'm doing is trying to eat by the GI diet, take vitamin B, and try to keep my irrational thoughts at bay by not giving into the fear.

It ain't easy, and sometimes it feels like the symptoms and unreal feeling will never go away, but then I'll have a small moment where I feel almost normal, and I remember that it WILL go away.

Keep at it... I know it's super frustrating, but just remember you're not going mad, it's not permanent, it just takes time.

I've started to look at it like a scab. Yeah I got cut, and now I've got the healing process to deal with. The key is not to pick at the scab, no matter how hard it is not to. I also know if you do it right, it doesn't have to leave a scar either... at least not a big nasty one.

28-09-05, 06:54
One last thing... what is this "thinking inward" and outward thing I keep hearing about?

28-09-05, 12:45

It is my main problem too, derealisation/ depersonalisation that is.
I've had bouts of it too lasting for several months at a time, then getting better, then starting again, etc etc...
I am pretty sure it can be managed without medication.

<b id="quote">quote:</b id="quote"><table border="0" id="quote"><tr id="quote"><td class="quote" id="quote">Will it dissapear if I stop thinking Inward and start thinking outward?</td id="quote"></tr id="quote"></table id="quote">

It would definitely make a big change for sure, "see the world more as it is, less as what you are" is the good quote that explains it well.
Keeping busy with work or hobbies will help you being absorbed by the surrounding reality which will make you feel less "unreal". Doing things involving people too make you feel less alone. Hope that makes sense to you.

Take care.

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28-09-05, 13:43
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