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31-07-09, 16:15
Hi all, I am supposed to be taking these for depression but both of them have made me ill. They made me so bad that I couldn't get up most mornings, stuff like dizzyness, nausea, dihorrea (sp?), headaches, general aches and pains for no reason and REALLY bad anger issues. I'm so worried that my next lot of anti-depressants are gonna make me the same as them, so I've just stopped taking them. BIG mistake. I don't want to go back to my doctor because she will tell me to grin and bear it (she did with anti-biotics as well, I was poorly every time i took them and she told me to continue on, that's not right is it?) but I can't stand the though of trying another lot. I'd much rather just be depressed instead of depressed and sick.
Anyone else had these problems with these horrble pills?

31-07-09, 20:35
They do cause some problems in some people, I only really suffered bad headaches and increased anxiety to begin with. I felt good for months but now I want to come off them and now realise getting off them is even harder than getting on them. I regret in a way ever going on them as I seem to be stuck in a vicious circle. My doc also insists I stick with them so I know how you feel.
They do help honest, but yes you have to go through some rough times to get through to the other side. I just wish I had never swallowed the first pill.
Good luck and let us know how you get on

magpie girl
31-07-09, 21:16
I SUFFERD EVERY SIDE EFFECT !!!!now its calmed down and im happy i stuck with it now

31-07-09, 23:03
Citalopram was fantastic after the initial side effects wore off (2-3 wks) but I have been on cipralex for nearly 5 months and still have really bad days. So glad I took citalopram but sorry I settled for escitalopram this time as I'd seen a locum not my usual GP!!!!! I also had no problems weaning off citalopram but did it very slowly (6-8 weeks).

Good luck with your decision

31-07-09, 23:56
ive been on cipralex for 4 years now and it does take a while to get into your system and like you had some horrid side effects at first. to be honest even now i feel constantly tired and no energy which is hard when i have 4 kids! what does were you put on??? im on 5mg. last friday night i took my first 10mg cipralex as i thought my body had got 'used' to the 5mg and as soon as i took it i was shaking uncontrolably mind you i think this was down to me worrying so much about taking it. so on monday i went back to the 5mg. i am petrified of taking even a head ache tablet as im so scared of the side effects i really do know what you are going through ((hug)) xx

02-08-09, 16:00
what does were you put on???

They put me on 10mg straight away and I've NEVER felt so sick in all my life. Everything I was taking was coming out one way or the other (sorry for the grossness.)I haven't been taking anything for a good few weeks now, and it's making my relationship suffer.
I'm too scared to go back and try any more because I'm worried that they will do exactly the same thing.

02-08-09, 22:28

do you feel better in yourself on or off the meds? how long did you take the meds for?

02-08-09, 23:53
Hi to all of you

I'm on 20mg cipralex and 3x5mg buspirone but never had any side effects with these. However I don't really see much benefits yet and although I have good days I feel that this is due more to kinesiology and positive affirmations!!!!