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31-07-09, 23:50
Loads of people tell me they never read the website pages that are on the left <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

There is loads of info on there and people don't read it - I didn't write it for fun I wrote it to help people so please read it.

Especially the First Steps, How to cope and Symptoms pages!

01-08-09, 00:44
Thanks Nicola,

I read all those pages long before I first posted in the introduction section.


01-08-09, 12:18
Hi Nicola
The pages you wrote are amazing it must of been a total night mare doing them and obviously took loads of dedication. I dont think i would of know where to start. I read the pages well before signing up and i for one are very grateful to you, im sure alot of other people are too. I guess we forget to say thankyou sometimes so thankyou

01-08-09, 14:15
Wow - I sounded like a head mistress there for a minute lol.

01-08-09, 16:32
Yes Ma'am!
Now put that ruler away!
You're scaring us!

01-08-09, 17:23
I hope everyones done their homework :wacko:

01-08-09, 20:39
I have to admit that I also have not been aware of this additional static content. :blush:

Might I venture to suggest this is probably a consequence of design, in relation to the menus themselves, and of perception, with regard to forums generally?

The horizontal menu is certainly more conspicuous, in terms of design and positioning, than the sidebar. The sidebar is also collapsible, which I expect has it's state remembered across sessions via a user's cookie.

Forum-based sites are not generally regarded, at least in my view, as serving content outside of it's thread-oriented structure. Not successfully at least, not without taking on a more CMS presentational approach.

I would place the sidebar links within a single horizontal drop-down in the header. One that expands immediately upon 'onMouseOver', so that the full scope of the site is apparent upon each use.

The addition of a discrete announcement bar above would be invaluable in highlighting the site's static content. Left to rotate on a daily basis, and easily updated via a single config file, it could also serve news relating to new or updated content etc.

Ultimately though, I do think keeping the forum menu and the content menu separate allows people to easily dismiss one or the other.

You caught me in design-mode. Sorry if that's too much information. :)

01-08-09, 20:43
or....we could print a huge red arrow pointing over there


02-09-09, 00:05
Hi, Nicola. I am a brand-new member here, and I want to tell you that the website pages (I have only begun to read them) are really wonderfully written. You are knowledgeable, clear, educated, and don't talk down to us like sooooo many do who try to write about this. (And FYI, I had no trouble finding them, they jump right out to me.) Thank you!


02-09-09, 18:42
Thanks Jessica

04-09-09, 18:46
I read the pages regularly when I'm feeling anxious, to remind myself that I'm ok. Thank you Nicky for everything you have done in regards to this site. I would be truly lost without it and I know that I can always come here for help, support and guidance.

Thanks again,
Joanne x