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03-08-09, 14:38
Hi, has anybody experienced problems coming off clomipramine? I was on 45mg a day, came off it over 3-4 days, 10 days ago. Started experiencing terrible nausea about 2-3 days after stopping it completely and starting on Prozac.

Now haven't taken Prozac for 48 hours in case that was causing the nausea (after speaking to NHS 24 for advice yest). Still feel as sick as a pig :curse: Should I be going back on clomipramine and tapering the dose more slowly?

At wits end :weep:

03-11-09, 19:46
Hi - hope you're ok? Just wanted to let you know that from my experience I think you've come off them too quick! Did you say 3 - 4 days? I've recently decided to try and come off the same medication but did it really gradually over 2 - 3 weeks. I still felt quite bad, had headaches, felt sick and down, but it does get better.

I'm not sure I've done the right thing yet as I'm feeling down again but my advice would be to do it slowly

Hope this helps:):)

04-11-09, 14:17
Hi zippy,

Thanks for that. Don't know if you noticed but my post is quite old now. I've finally made it off them (after having to go back on the full dose and start again). Took me more than two months in total, so definitely anyone trying this should IMO take it slowly.

Hope things get better for you :hugs:

04-11-09, 14:36
Well done Janec for coming off your medication. I came off this many years ago, just stopped one day and was lucky enough to have no withdrawal whatsoever but I was on a very low dose to begin with.
Carol x