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04-08-09, 10:27
I've been having NLP (neurolingustic programming) therapy for the past four years. I've now decided to have a change and am seeing a CBT person this week (I have to pay for all this Lord help me). Anyone have any strong views on CBT? I felt I needed a change as NLP sessions were becoming predictable which made be a bit ratty. I suffer mainly from anxiety now, depression seems to have been kept at bay.

01-09-09, 11:21
Well obviously nobody had a view. Have had 2 sessions with CBT therapist and having 3rd tomorrow. Therapist really young but very good - feel it's helping already. Only way is up.... I hope

Anna C
01-09-09, 18:44
Hi Jo,

I have been having CBT for a while and I am finding it has helped me a lot. Even just having someone to talk to who offers advice and support has helped. I think you need to bond with your therapist and trust him/her, mine is also young but really lovely and I have improved a lot since I started seeing her.

CBT is hard work especially the homework, but worth it! I can now do alot of things I couldn't do without panic and anxiety, I still have quite a way to go but I now believe it is possible to cope in situations that a few months ago would have been too hard.

Good luck with your recovery I hope the therapy helps.:)


31-08-10, 01:54
If you do the homework CBT is excellent. It is a form of therapy that really depends on your personal efforts but if you do the work the rewards are well worth all the work. I have been off meds and thriving for years now and I am so thankful. I do still counter my thoughts in my TEA forms a few minutes several days a week but that's a small investment for the relief it has given me:D