View Full Version : Valerian - what time of day to you take it?

29-09-05, 17:10
I've been and spent some more money in Holland & Barratt today (god they must love me there!). I bought Valerian Root which apparently is to take the edge off the anxiety. When I got it home though I realised that it is for before bed time? I was just wondering if anyone else was taking this and if so what time of day do you take it?

Thanks very much

Rach xxxx

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29-09-05, 19:32
I take it at night to help me sleep - works quite well.


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30-09-05, 11:47
Hi Rach,

I take mine just before bed to.

Take care,

Love PIP'S X X

30-09-05, 13:35
I used to take it in the morning and at lunchtime and also at bedtime and really took what I needed depending on the day.

Then just in the am as I was back sleeping sort of ok but really, really scared each morning as I pushed myself to work.


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30-09-05, 19:35
It really all depends on what you have planned for the day. If you are going to be home and relaxing you can take it whenever you want but if you are going out I wouldn't suggest taking it cuz it really relaxs you. I always have taking it at bedtime cuz I sometimes need help to sleep.


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01-10-05, 10:28
Thanks guys

I think I'll look at taking it as and when needed too. I'm more anxious in the mornings at the moment so may take one in the morning and one at night.

Thanks again

Rach xxxx

"True acceptance means 'facing and relaxing' - it is submission" (Claire Weekes)

04-10-05, 15:11
Hi Rach,

I sometimes have a cup of Valerian Tea in the evenings, and it really does help me to sleep. I'd be interested to hear how it affects you when you take it in the morning.