View Full Version : help, had endoscopy and im now suffering and very worried please read

05-08-09, 20:09
had lit done on friday, it was a terrible experience, i opted for NO sedation which was a big mistake. The doctor was awful and i was treated badly.
i cried and shouted at them to stop the whole way throuh.
they took a biopsy which showed i have H.pylori and i now have 8 tablets a day to take for it for a week.
problem is i am feeling as though i cant breathe properly, like someone is sat on my chest. a bit sort of winded.
i am really worried.
i rang the ward and they said i shouldnt feel that way and to see my gp. my gp seemed only concerned that i was feeling a bit dizzy and gave me tablets for that.
i dont know what to think. am i bleeding? has some damage been done?
i left immediately after it was done, i wasnt even taken to a recovery room.

to top it all i have to stay up tonight with my son ALL night so that he can have a sleep deprived eeg in the morning as they think hes having absence seizures.

14-08-09, 20:22
Hi there,

I too had an endoscopy without sedation and yes it wasn't pleasant but you recover almost immediately afterwards. I also had h pylori and had to take all those tablets!! I don't think anything has happened to you since having it done - I think it has just been such an unpleasant experience that you've ended up stressed out because of it. You are only human after all and most people opt for sedation! You are brave really! I think the breathing thing is anxiety, which I suffer from myself now and again if I'm anxious - it's horrible but it will get better when you start to relax.

Take care

14-08-09, 20:30
hi ... try not to worry, i do had the dreaded hp baacteria in my tum and it made me feel like my tum was churning and i felt like i could not breathe my doc who is fab and sooooooo patient explained to me that this is because my stomach was not emptying as it should be he gave me some tablets called domperidone which really did help in fact 8 months later i still have some probs with my stomach on and off and again he explained that whilst the antibiotics and omeprazole kill of the bacteria only time can repair the damage it has done to the stomach lining - also anxiety makes it hard to breathe - i hope this has helped somewhat - and dont worry about the pills as a person who can never take meds due to worrying about side effects i can tell you i took them and had NO side effects at all, the fear of getting an ulcer which would have meant more treatment helped me to take the first pill lol ...hope you are soon feeling better x x x

27-09-09, 14:12
I had an endoscopy with sedation but no throat numbing spray, even though my GP told them I needed both due to my anxiety and emetophobia.
Well everytime the camera went down I gagged and came to enough to push the doctors and nurses away, although I wasn't aware I was doing it. They tried 4 times without luck, I was vaguely aware of a nurse saying :Ow! She pinched me!" :blush:
So sedation doesn't necessarily help.
I cried when I came around, I felt a failure, plus I was angry as it might have made a difference if I'd had the numbing spray too.
All that stress for nothing.

23-10-09, 20:26
Hello there- had a few cameras up and down various places! With or without sedation etc- just wondered if you've since had a "successful" procedure since your post?

23-10-09, 23:09
Hate to say this but......

If you sick up black stuff or have constant black poo you need help

I had an endoscopy that went horribly wrong....spent a week in hosp having blood transfusions and all sorts

If you dont have this Im sure you are fine

Kaz xx :hugs:

23-10-09, 23:11
Oooops just noticed this is a really old post:doh:

Kaz x