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11-01-04, 20:18
ok i am sowy everyone i havent been on for a while but i think you have all now met my very best friend shirley, i know she as told you why i have been a way for a while ..i suffered wot the doctors called a very mild nervous break down, i am ashamed 2 say ended up spending 3 weeks in hosptial as i just couldn't cope at home my anxiety was out of controll and my panic attacks were unbearable, i am now feeling a little better and am on medication which yes is helping me a small amount i am still having trouble controlling my anxious thoughts and feelings and am still suffering panic attacks i have devolped a real fear of being alone and with out my friend shirley dont know wot i would have done she as been my rock even when she is suffering herself, i am having terrible trouble sleeping at nite i lie awake for hours and get up the next morning feeling weak and shattered each day is a challenge for me at the moment but i am doing my very best 2 get through each one, i still cant belive all this as stemed from one frightening nite spent in the er with chest pains wot does outr mind do to us, i am not sure if i told you my partner left me as he couldn't cope with my anxiety and constant worrying iw as trying 2 sell my house as well and i think in my head i had taken so much on things just snapped and i lost controll, i havent spent really anytime doing much of anything i dodnt think i have even really been near the puter something which even surprises me as this wwas my life line but now i am slowly comming back i msut be as 2 day i ahve even found it in me 2 come here and write this which at the moment is an achivemnet for me ...msut admit though shirley is here with me watching me ready 2 take my place when i can no longer type ...she is such a wonderful friend shame the world can tbe made up of more like her sowy thats sounds rude as so many of you on here are shirlys in yourselfs always ready 2 offer a kind word and a understanding shoulder ....well i have rabbited on longer than even i thought i could mange ....shows you how encourging this palce is 2 come and talk thanx everyone i hope your all feeling well i dont know how often i will be back 2 post as i have good days and bad days i guess 2 day is a good one
take care all


11-01-04, 23:13
Dear Wendy ,

Good to hear from you. Sorry you've been having a hard time but glad you're back on your feet again and doing challenges and seeing progress.

Keep it going ..!


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11-01-04, 23:55
Hiya Wendy,

Glad to see you back. keep up the progress you are doing grand. I know this is a very hard time for you, but remember you are not alone. We are all here for you, just as Shirley is. Do give yourself time to get things in order. You don`t have to do everything yesterday. Take baby steps so that you can, start to heal and recover. Best of luck to you. Take care, and post whenever you can, to let us know how you are doing.

Diana xxxxx

12-01-04, 22:24

Hiya - good to see that you managed to get on and post again.

So sorry to hear about all the problems you are having but hopefully you will bounce back soon.

Take care ok?