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02-10-05, 10:04
Dose anyone have a simular obsessive behaviour.

I dont beleiave i have OCD but I have had obsessive behaviour's that I find hard to over come. My biggest one that i have battled with for about 6y is my scratching. If I had not been put on to Luvox(Flavoxamine Meleate) i would still belieave that it was just something that is really matter of mind of matter even after 6 years of trying lot's of thing's to kick the habbit cause it was causing me so much pain and frustration.

After 1 dose of the med's I already felt so much more in control of my hand's and after the second dose I feel like the sensation that would kick start my erg to scratch have fadded from feeling's someone pricking me with a pin to just a feathery sensation's that i can ignore with ease. If all the sensation go I will be on cloude 9.

I was just really curious about this as it is still something that is very surreal. I hope I'm not going to wake up and find that it was a tempary pause in the habbit. Which has not happen in 6 year so i dont know why it would happen now and less it was all in my head.

Thank's for listening.

02-10-05, 10:30
I have had the same problem since i was very young. I have scarred my legs so much because of it. Its very annoying, I find sometimes, some ice or something cold will numb the itch and it goes away. I find I only scratch when I have something on my mind, and sometimes start to scratch without even realising it. Hope this helps :)

02-10-05, 10:45
Thay are the sane method's I ues to use to cope and I hope to never have to use again if the medication keep's having the positive effect on the habbit.

So far it seem's like the medication Lovox is really stopping my Brain from telling my hand to scratch and itch that that seem like it was never there in first place.:D

That just sound so crazy when i say it that way but it's easiest way for me discribe all the medical jargon that i have read about the message's that the brain send's to our body's.

Are you on any med's pants_fairy.

02-10-05, 10:49
I understand what you mean :) Im not yet on meds for the itching. I suffer badly from depression and anxiety so am on alot of medication for that, so i try to deal with the itching without prescription drugs. But its gettin to a point where its driving me crazy! lol so i think i might have to seek help for that too.