View Full Version : Any success stories coming off clonazepam or citalopram?

08-08-09, 20:14
Hey there,
I am currently taking 40mg a day of citalopram and 3 mg per day of clonazepam.
This is after my most recent really bad spell of panic attacks and I do think it has helped me immensely. However, my docs and psychologist also put me on birth control because they said it would be damaging to a baby if I got pregnant right now.
Right now I don't feel ready to go off the meds, I am not ready to have kids, but feel a lot of fear when I think about the future and being 29 I do want to start planning for that soon. I keep reading horror stories about clonazepam withdrawal and am afraid I am trapped with this med, I am afraid of coming off it, but dont want to be stuck with it. Unfortunately I cant afford therapy right now.
Has anyone successfully stopped it, and have any advice? I just want to know it can be done, that someday I could be a normal person and a mom. Of course this is just one of the myriad of reasons I would like to get of meds, but has been a particular concern lately, since the docs made such a big point of me not being pregnant. They made me feel like I'll never be able to do anything on my own.
Thank you in advance, I hope someone replies.