View Full Version : Anti Psychotic Medication anyone?

03-10-05, 11:59
My anxiety is working overtime at the moment, my psyc has talked to me about anti psychotics, said in low doses can be helpful but fair to her she isnt forcing me just giving me the option, anyone had any expereince of these, she has also talked about flupenthixol or buspar.

I am continuing on sertraline, she says it can be MONTHS before effect !!

03-10-05, 15:58
I am on Buspar it is a Minor Tranq. that is not addictive it seems to help!!

I am also on Sertraline... and It seemed to work at first!!! but the effect is tapering!


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03-10-05, 16:57
I'm taking trifluoperazine at the moment for anxiety at the moment but it is only a small dose (no side effects so far). I used to take olanzapine in quite large doses but I gradually stopped taking it because the side effects (weight gain) outweighed it's benefits.

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