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12-01-04, 01:13
[purple]Hi all, I am a smoker and have been for quite a few years i was just wondering if it affects or can trigger panic attacks i have been told as an anxiety sufferer that it's not good to smoke but it never seemed to bother me in any big way besides of course my breathing while having an attack ( which is'nt good ) But when i first started having panic attacks i wasnt a smoker yet and the symptoms are'nt any diffrent. I dont know hopefully some of you guys could give me a little input on this ;)

12-01-04, 01:38
hi Brownie.

smoking can not trigger panic attacks. I suffer like the rest of us and do not smoke. i have tried it but that wasnt the cause. so dont worry yourself about it.

hugs Rachel xx

12-01-04, 02:47
I'm not sure if smoking can be considered a stimulant but if it is it could affect your panic attacks. Kinda like how caffiene can increase your heart rate.


12-01-04, 05:34

I have`nt heard anything about cigarettes "causing" an attack, but that is an interesting question as I do know smoking does increase the heart rate. I`ll just bet Meg, Nic or Charlie will have a more educated answer for ya. Keep watching for replies I`m sure you will get something more solid than this info. Keep posting.

Take care,

Diana xxxx

12-01-04, 14:06
I have read somewhere that smokers are more prone to panic attacks. On the other hand actually smoking a cigarette is likely to reduce anxiety because of the deep and controlled breathing you are doing. Next time you feel stressed try doing the breathing but without the cigarette!


12-01-04, 14:32
Nicotine is an addictive stimulus and trigger for some.

Most smoking induced panic attacks happen when the person feels that they cannot get to their cigarettes ie when planes were first non smoking and patches were not available.

Most of us avoid things smokers can crave/ want / need their fag to feel safe...

Remember panic is just an extreme form of fear- you can be fearful of absolutely anything. So being without a cigarette can be that fear.


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07-03-04, 23:36

Smoking is a stimulant like caffiene, and from my experience can trigger anxiety attacks. I've stopped smoking now after, 12 and half year because I haven't a choice, my anxiety has been really bad over the last 5 months. If I smoke the odds are it will trigger an attack, and even though I still crave for fags, it dont come close to a panic attack!

Take Care


08-03-04, 17:45
Hiya Paniccomesandgoes,

Good on you for quitting the cigarrettes, if you know that is a trigger for ya.

It is easier to deal with the cravings as opposed to the panic ey?

Here`s hoping you are having an anxiety/panic free day!!!!!!!!!! :)

Take care,

Diana xxxx

08-03-04, 17:46
ISH - well done for stopping and giving up .