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Desprate Dan
11-08-09, 17:06
Hi everyone and thanks for reading my post, i have been suffering from anxiety and depresion since March 09 and my Doctor has put me forward for CBT my first session is in a weeks time..

What happens at these CBT sessions?? is it one on one or will i be part of a group of people???

I really have no idea what it is all about but if it makes me feel better than yes i am up for that..:) :)

Thank you

11-08-09, 17:27
My sessions were 12 one-hour one-to-one meetings, quite informal compared to a session with a psychiatrist. They'll probably start off with you filling in one of those damned questionnaires so they can determine the level of your depression. Unlike, say, psychoanalysis, CBT is not so concerned examining your past to get to the root of your problem, but is more practical, focussing on step-by-step ways of helping you to break depressive and anxious cycles of behaviour. Some of it might seem a little obvious and patronising, especially if you already have an insight into your condition, but it's worth sticking with, and if nothing else, it's good to have someone to talk to about how you're feeling. It's by no means a miracle cure, but it does have positive effects if you give it chance. It helped me cut down then stop drinking, which was quite an achievement.

Expect homework.


Desprate Dan
12-08-09, 20:06
Thanks Oliver.