View Full Version : Bullying poem. Try to see it was never my fault. Not really

12-08-09, 11:01
Who is stronger than a bully?

Truth be told, she is a survivor
Holding unique views, even as the others mock her
Isolation, told she is foolish and wrong daily
Called strange, ignorant, freakish. It felt scary

Feelings are so strong, they must be right
Others say to follow the crowd. Itís wrong to fight
Majority says which way everyone must go
Impossible. Feels like drowning. To swallow up her soul

Alone she must stand, appearing bright in the dark
Quietly dignified. Bullies compelled to make up evidence she is not smart
Despising her loudly. Gaining numbers in support
Thinking they are so great. Many can easily attack one. Teamwork comes forth

Perhaps they succeeded? Made her cry and look the fool
Yet she insists on being herself still. Although they can beat her at being cruel
So they made her feel so defeated in years. Yet she still refuses to quit
How they hate her so. Desperate to prove she is wrong about all of it

So who was really stronger? How can anyone be sure
Still she thinks whining about who others should be is lame & mean & such a bore
If it came up again, could it really ever be any different?
This girl still believes in tolerance, caring and most important to be independent

21-08-09, 01:29
thats a brill poem - i can relate to it big time hugs n keep up the fab work - n thanks for ya reply to ma post too

22-08-09, 10:54
I am very passionate about art, poems, dancing... dressing completely different to the crowd. I only speak the truth. I liked your expression :)

It feels so amazing to finally accept the way I am can never be any other way & never should. I guess I am pretty lucky that I can find the words to express that.

Your works are amazing in their attention to detail, very disciplined, the opposite of mine & I love it. Keep sharing your brilliance.... it's inspiring :)


22-08-09, 11:53
Nice twist on a poignant topic


22-08-09, 13:23
A great poem Melody .Be proud of who you are ,there is nothing wrong with wanting to be yourself ..Luv Sue x:hugs:

22-08-09, 14:02
I can really relate to that Melody, a really great poem.

Thanks XX :hugs:

31-08-09, 12:12
excellent poem, i too can relate to that big time.......one day i hope the bullies take a real look at themselves in the mirror, whether it be ones from childhood or adulthood.....i hope they grow a conscience......we can but hope huh!! xx