View Full Version : help with sertraline! please!!!

12-08-09, 14:07
Hi All,

I have suffered with anxiety/depression and panic attacks for 3 years and lately they have gotten worse.

I went to the docs had he has put me on sertraline. I have taken them today and my skin is feeling really burny like im burning up but its tingly all the time - I have had to go home from work (which i didnt wanna do and I have just been on self cert for 2 weeks and cant have any more time off) and i feel so so worse

Im not quite sure what do to..... As these symtoms i am expereicning are terrible.... do you think i could get signed off till the symptoms go - otherwise if i keep coming home i am most likely going to loose the job. Or should I just not take them and carry on like i normally do...

Quick help please!!!!!

13-08-09, 23:10

When i first went on sertaline i had really bad hot flushes. the whole of my body would feel like its on fire.

After a few weeks it settled down and now it only happens occasionally.

u could always get yr dr to sign u off with anx until u feeling better

love mandie x

20-08-09, 16:37
dont forget you suffer with anxiety so your just worrying buddy, im on sertraline and im just fine, after 4 weeks you'l get miles better.