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13-08-09, 13:37
Hi all,

Ive had Panic, GAD & depression for just over a year now. At first my doctor precribed me Amitriptyline which seamed to help me sleep which in turn helped me fell a little better during the day. I was on this for around 6 months and along with CBT i made a marked improvement. Things started to go down hill and my Amitriptyline went back up to the point where the doctor thought it was time to try SSRI treatment. I've tried Citalipram and escitalipram but had real issues with the side effects. So now i'm back on the Amitriptyline at 25mg what i would like to know is, is it safe to take inositol along with the Amitriptyline as ive just taken 6 caplules of inositol (4.5grams) and my chatter box is starting to play it's tricks on me. Sweaty plams, blured vision, inability to keep my leg still.

Please help

Russ :D

13-08-09, 16:30
Hi, from what I know of inositol there are no interactions between inositol and most types of medications. You should consider calling your local Boots pharmacy and asking if there are any interactions between inositol and amitriptyline just to be sure.

However you should be safe to take inositol alongside tri-cyclic antidepressants.

Remember that inositol is a naturally occurring substance within the body and lack of inositol coincides with many types of mental illness such as panic, depression, ocd, bipolar disorder and anxiety. Therefore putting more inositol into your body should help rather than hurt.

Inositol may also help you to feel more relaxed and may improve your quality and duration of sleep - this was a very noticeable benefit when I started taking it. You may find you have fewer troubling thoughts and your reaction to negative thoughts is also reduced.

Basically inositol actually does what current medications cannot do or otherwise fail to do.

The current medical thinking appears to be that if a person does not want to take SSRIs or cannot tolerate the side effects, taking inositol on its own may offer superior benefits, mainly in the rapid activation time (reduces panic attacks twice as quickly as SSRIs) and lack of unpleasant side effects.