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04-10-05, 20:42
Hi Guys and Gals :D
Well I have been surfing the web again (uh-oh) and found a site that talked about Homeopathic Remedies for anxiety. Has anyone ever tried these and if so did it do any good? It lists a bunch of different things that come in pill form the you disolve in your mouth and it is supposed to help with the anxiety.
here's the link if anyone wants to check it out....

Thnx for listening [8D]


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04-10-05, 20:44
The only one I really tried was aconite - can't honestly say that it helped much though.


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04-10-05, 21:13
Hi Sandy,
i was prescribed Arsenicum for my anxiety. Its difficult to say that it definately helped me, my anxiety did lessen and my panic attacks stopped for a long time, so maybe it did kinda help or maybe it was all in my mind. Sorry to be so vague!! I would take them again though.
good luck and let us know how it goes, kt xx

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05-10-05, 13:23
Hi Sandy,

Thanks for the link.

I have aconite for the anxiety and Sepia for low days. I think the Sepia has helped me perk up at times when I'm low.

Take care,

Love PIP'S X X