View Full Version : Has anyone used chlorimpramine for panic attacks?

15-08-09, 16:28

Wondered if anyone could give me some useful advice - my mum died a few years ago, I don't have a dad, my brother and family have moved to Australia and I do see my sister on occasion. I moved to the country a while ago thinking that this may be the answer to all my anxiety difficulties but turned out it made things feel pretty bad, felt overwhelmed starting again so ended up taking citalopram to try and calm my anxiety and panic attacks down. This sort of worked but not really fully so I am trying chlorimpramine next week and have a huge fear of anxiety increasing before it gets better as it feels like a lifetime and I have 2 kids to look after. I have some good friends who are relatively new to me but nobody fully understands. My husband has had the patience of a saint for a long time but he seems to be getting exhausted of talking about anxiety and 'going round the houses' and we seem to be arguing alot. Anyone tell me that the tablets will help? I am trying to keep meeting people, being honest, getting out, looking on the bright side, keeping occupied, all the things I'm supposed to be doing but still struggling alot. Any advice would be appreciated!!!:D

17-08-09, 22:23
Clomipramine worked very well for my panic attacks for about five years, until I had an ear virus which made me dizzy and set them off again.

When I started taking them I spent about a week in the house because they made me sleep all the time. After that wore off I was immediately able to go out and about panic-free.

Good luck!

20-08-09, 21:38
Hello thanks for replying....I start my first tablet tonight and feel a bit edgy about it as it's the summer hols and can't afford to be sleepy with kids or have terrible side effects!!

Your response sounds really positive, a week of feeling sleepy doesn't sound back as with citalopram I had at least 6 weeks of very bad depression and heightened anxiety until things settled down so sounds ok to me.

Funny thing panic attacks, I would like to think that you have a course of tablets, the panics go away and then that's the end of it but not always that easy, eh?

Thanks for the advice, means alot to me. Hope you are ok x

Tricky Vicky:)