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18-08-09, 13:15
Hi guys,

I recently went on holiday with my parents to spain, and it was quite amazing, for the most part i felt very normal, my derealisation went away and apart from the odd moment i barely thought about it, obviously i was very happy.

But of course when i got home (mainly today) it has come right back, i went to the bank to pay some bills, walked back to my car and hey guess what it's back. This symptom is very depressing for me, it has made me think ill never have a normal life and i cant do things that others can, although i still do all the things i did before my anxiety started so i don't know where this thought has come from.

I've read some articles online about it and people say that ignoring it is the best way to approach it but i just can't! It's been happening on and off for 6 months and i find the whole experience very distressing.

My GP recommended CBT, i waited until after my holiday to make a decision, but it seems like my only option now, i need help coping with this. I feel that i'll always be scared of this.

I was wondering if anyone had any success stories about getting rid of this horrible symptom and what methods were used. Would really appreciate other peoples experience with this and anyone who can offer any reassurance :weep:


18-08-09, 21:28
Hi Andy

I'm not sure whether Derealisation is the same as depersonalisation? If it is, then I would regard myself as a sucess story in that I have not experienced it for quite some time, and if I do I am good at shaking in off, though it used to be very hard for me, I have learned to overcome it and see it for what it is. I remember when I was at my worst, nothing seemed to be real and I felt like I was in a fog, or standing behind a frosted window, a bit like when you have a bad cold and everything seems far away apart from your own thoughts. Please don't be scared of it (easier said than done I know) because it is a totally normal part of anxiety. I used to find that in trying to purposely ignore it, it would make it seem even more 'real' so instead I would find something to do to take my mind off it, like go for a quiet walk, or call a friend for a chat. Before long it just got less and less, although sometimes I get it mildly if I am stressed out. It never really worries me any more, it is very uncomfortable but it can't hurt you, and believe me I had some pretty awful episodes of it!
PM me if you need any help,

Best wishes

20-08-09, 17:45
hey auqeam,

thanks for your response, i think derealisation is actually reffered to as depersonalisation more commonly.

i think i will PM you if thats ok, i could do with some short term tips on how to cope with it better. it seems recently it only happens when i go outside, which isn't good as it's putting me off going outside a touch :(


20-08-09, 22:00
No problem please pm me whenever you want x