View Full Version : Coming of duloxetine

20-08-09, 15:25
Hi there,

I am trying desperately to come off duloxetine but finding it really tough. I've been off it for about a week or so. Does anyone have any advice/info on this?

Many thanks


21-08-09, 15:33
Dear Kirtsy I took duloxetine for about six weeks last year and I was having severe side effects. Have you an agreed plan of withdrawal with your doctor or psychiatrist? If you have been taking it for a long time then you will need to take things very slowly ie gradually tapering the dose and weaning yourself off it. Are you experiencing any effects from the withdrawal? Take care Jane.

22-08-09, 17:25
Kirsty I was on Duloxetine recently for a month.

I experienced some horrible physical side effects. Suppressed libido, shaking and twitching, insomnia, constipation and indigestion. I seemed to have got everything going.

After my supply ran out I decided to just let the drug clear my system. The physical stuff subsided and disappeared quite quickly and I did notice a real improvement in my mood.

So when I saw my GP recently he changed my medication (at my request), to Prothiaden.

BUT - This is just my experience ! - PLEASE PLEASE speak to your medical advisor. You didn't say how long you had been on Duloxetine, or wether you were following advice from a GP.

So take care - :hugs: