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20-08-09, 22:02
Hi all.
I suffered a massive panic attack on Tuesday whilst in Germany on training, I had to come home early due to this and have since decided that the job isn't for me due to the travelling involved. I have been to my doctor today and have been prescribed Propranolol 40mgs a day up to 120mgs if needed. I have had 60mgs today and find that i am suffering from extreme dizziness and light headedness, is this normal and will it go away?
So far the drug has taken away my symptoms and made my chest feel a lot better but do I regularly have to take this medication or just when i am suffering from anxiety?
Any advice would be great.
Just timed my pulse rate and its at 60bpm, is that normal?
Could it be why i'm dizzy?

20-08-09, 22:44
Hello, dont worry you are in a moment of panic and worry... dizziness is a very common symptom of anxiety, it will eventually pass. I know it can be hard and frustrating it wont go away, but it will pass. I find when im feeling dizzy if i focus on something for a certain amount of time it will eventually pass when i get my balance back. I am also on the beta blockers (propanolol), however havent been taking them much as hasnt helped my symtpoms, but im happy to hear they are helping some of yours. I dont know about you, but with the dizziness i feel like im bouncing up and down or swaying side to side like im about to faint....but i never have, and doubt i will....just get some fresh air, stay focused and distracted and eventually it should pass. Sorry this isnt much help, but it works for me every now and again. Keep Smiling :) xx

22-08-09, 21:03

Try not to worry about the dizziness. When I first increased my dose of propranolol I felt really dizzy and my heartrate went really slow, I had to actually go and have a lie down at occupational health at work because I was so scared I was going to faint. But I perserverred and after about a week I felt a lot better and propranolol really helped my anxiety (I was suffering all day everyday, but on propranolol it was only every now and then I felt bad).

Good luck!

22-08-09, 22:14
The dizziness will wear off, when I first started on propanolol I felt exactly the same way - it does ease. Its not something we have to be on for life, I have been told I can wean off it when I feel more stable/ready.

As for your heart rate mine varied from 55-60 per minute - I was anxious too that it was too slow but now I've been on it a while I'm fine.

24-08-09, 20:16
I've found that lying down for just a few minutes in a dark room helps with the dizziness. And don't obsess about your heart rate, it just leads to more anxiety. 60 - 100 beats per minute is considered fine.

29-08-09, 08:19
hi ive just had a massive anxiety attack that landed me in hospital for the day hooked up to heart monitors and needles stuck into my arms, turns out it is the withdrawl symptoms from coming off propranolol , as mentioned before, i was getting worse effects from taking the drug than it was supposed to cure, i have now bought a book by Paul McKenna which has a CD to help you regain control of your brain and the anxiety feelings, i feel like i have just come out of a fog and its so nice to be alert once again as propranolol dampend down all my senses, but it feels like ive been hit with a lightening bolt in my chest and body, yet again withdrawl from that drug, i was originally told that they were Non addictive and that i could come off whenever, not true,, iam now taking Cardicor for palpitations, which seem to help so much better...all tests done at the hosp were normal, just a misfire in the electrical circuit every now and then, which thousands of people have without knowing about it, but because ive been worrying about it for the past 20yrs, i notice it all the time.