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23-08-09, 12:03

I've been on clomipramine for a month now, and i've heard that it can make you constipated. Well, i think i've hit a new level. After only going to the toilet ONCE A WEEK with hardly anything to show for it, this morning i think that my body had had enough. I was feeling sick, sweating and shaking during a 'mass evacuation'!

anyone else had anything even close? I dont think I can make this a recurrent thing!:lac:

02-09-09, 19:22
Hi this is tricky vicky

yes I have had real problems with constipation but I am only taking a small dose of 10mg a week until I reach 100mg and I am only on 20 at the moment, due to start 30mg tomorrow. I have been recommended Aloe Vera Gel from a friend as I was going to start upping my fibre and take Fibrogel. She has recommended 1fl oz a day for the first week and then 2fl oz a day for the second week onwards. Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on, either way I guess it would be a good idea to up your fibre. The doctor says that it can take up to 2 months for this tablet to settle down if it's going to work so I would stick with it if I were you. I have also got a small dose of diazepan which seems to help get me through the worst but it's only a short term measure.

Catch you later. :)

03-09-09, 20:26
I have just been given Clomipramine 10mg but not started them, just wanted to ask how are you getting on with them, i have tried a few anti depressants now but the side effects have been too bad.