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10-10-05, 16:54
I am thinking of starting SJW and I have heard you can get a rash from it. I have got really sensitive skin and I don't know whether that would make you more susceptible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated:D:D

Jem xxx

10-10-05, 17:08
Hi Jem

I'm not taking it myself but you should be able to find everything that you need to know here:-



Rach xxxx

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10-10-05, 17:08
Hi Jem,

My skin is quite sensitive and i've taken SJW for just over a week i think and it's ok so far.

If you noticed a rash uou could just stop i'm sure!

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10-10-05, 18:46
I was on SJW and got a rash but it's not dangerous. I did stop taking it soon after though as decided that it didn't mix with me very well..:D

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