View Full Version : first CBT session today

25-08-09, 17:34
I have been to my first CBT session today with a really nice lady made me feel at ease as my anxiety was at a high.. she explaind the process and said we will work through it at a steady pace I feel much better now and a tiny bit more posertive. So all of you starting this therapy try not to worry too much:)

25-08-09, 17:38
Hi Deb
Glad you got on alright at your
first CBT session
Keep the good work up it will all work out.

Regards Joan

25-08-09, 17:43
Thanks joan
thanks for your support

Anna C
25-08-09, 18:15
Hi Deb,

Well done for going to your first CBT session.:yesyes:
I know how scary it is going for the first time, and its a really good start that you felt a bit positive afterwards.

Well done and good luck with your recovery. Anna

25-08-09, 19:23
Yeah good to hear someone else going the CBT route. Took me 6 sessions to feel amazing. Only advice I would give is to listen to everything the therapist says. They will start giving you tasks after the first two sessions and they can sometimes be quite hard but stick with it.

Good luck and hopefully you will have the same outcome as I have had and feel great

magpie girl
25-08-09, 19:28
:D :D hi deb im glad it all went well for you,i start mine in september im looking forward to the begining of taking control of this anxiety