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26-08-09, 20:54
Hey everyone, I have been suffering for verryyy bad anxiety for about 5 years now, its to the point where I cant be far away from my car or my home without feeling very bad. I am 22 years old, and I recently just had a baby, and since then my anxiety has gotten worse. I can not go in stores, I can not take walks, I can't enjoy life..i met with a doctor and he perscribed me Klonopin, but now the thing is i've read the side effects and I saw that "seizures" was one of the side effects, I haven't had a seizure before, but with my anxiety i always worry about having one, or fainting, ect so now im scared to take the medication! I dont know what to do..i feel like i am never going to get better and i just want to be able to take my baby for walks, or to the park, musuem..ect, and i feel stuck now, its either i take this medication which IM TERRIFIED of or i live with this...any one know about klonpin I know its addicting which scares me too..but has anyone taken this or have any advice?? PLEEEASE>.

26-08-09, 22:10
What is klonopin? I work in psychiatric pharmacy and can't think at all what you mean? If you give me the other name for it then i might be able to help you with working through the side effect worries etc! I spend most of my days counselling psychiatric patients about their medications so i'd be really happy to help you out if i can!
Mel xx

26-08-09, 23:27
the other name is clonazepam

27-08-09, 09:12
I think i took it before as well.

Dont think you will have sideeffects.

Sometimes you need medications only to take the edge off and not for a long time, just to get you out of crisis, and as soon as you out, you will learn how to handle anxiety without medications.

Good luck

27-08-09, 16:28
I been taking it for almost 3 months and the only thing I´ve got is that in the begining makes you feel a bit drowsy but it relieves the anxiety specially if you take it before going to bed, and the seizures comes if you take a large amount of it (the recomended dosis is .5 to 1.5 mlg per day in the begining and then up it to 3 mlg per day) I´m taking 1 mlg per day and I didin´t have any problems except for some extra salivation, feeling sleepy and sometimes a little confusing sensation (nothing to worry about, is a lot better than the desrealitation).

27-08-09, 18:46
Hi I've been taking Klonopin on and off for 10 years. I take it only when needed and didn't get addicted to it. I cut a tablet of 0.5 in half most of the times but when my anxiety is worse I take the full tablet. It works well for me. At the beginning it use to make me a little sleepy but not anymore. I never got a bad reaction to it. I also take Paxil.