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26-08-09, 21:33
Any one taking this? I went to the GP today for my colon cancer anxiety issues - I don't want to live with worrying all the time about my health. My GP calmed my nerves about colon cancer and we both decided I needed a little help with the anxiety. So she is putting me on Buspar....so I am curious as to other peoples experiences with it....:shades:

26-08-09, 23:14
I find them fantastic for keeping me calmer and have had no side effects whatsoever!!!!!
Good luck if you decide to start them.

26-08-09, 23:52
Hi Barbn,

Iv been on them for 5days now and so far so good!

27-08-09, 13:49
I took my first one last night - didn't feel any side effects - so I am takign another one this morning. I am at work so I hope I am not too loopy!! ;-)

27-08-09, 14:55
That was the one med that didnt scare me because there were no side effects and it worked after about a week. It doesnt give you that groggy and lifeless feeling after you take it. Good luck, its a great med.:yesyes:

27-08-09, 15:35
Okay - the pill has made me a little tired - not groggy, jsut a little tired...I'm sure this side effect will go away after I have taken the pill for a while. Wish I could take a 15 minute cat nap - but I don't think my boss would approve :whistles:

02-11-09, 00:27
Any more details on how you're doing on Buspar? I have been prescribed it. Thanks!