View Full Version : Depersonalisation

27-08-09, 12:38

Has anyone else experienced depersonalisation whilst on cit? I have been for about as long as I've been taking it, and my mum only mentioned to me today that I should perhaps look at the side effects. Sure enough, there it is in the leaflet!

Has anyone else experienced this? I am thinking of giving up my meds soon, as none have really done much, and I feel like I want to trying recovering without anything...

Any advice?



27-08-09, 13:38
Hi Sarah,Im sorry to hear your medication route hasnt been very successful.I did experience depersonalisation when I started Cit ,but it has now gone .It took me a long time to find a dose that worked .I dont know what ammount you are on or how long youve been taking it ,so I cant really tell you much more .Sometimes it can take months for the side effects to go .But if you are on the highest dose and its not helping ,I wouldnt continue with it .What are you taking it for ? Im sure if its anxiety some sort of therapy would help you ,.I wish you luck with whatever you decide to do next .Luv Sue x