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31-08-09, 17:46
So Im due to start trying to apply for ESA (employment support allowance) along with DLA, this was advised by someone from the Mental Health Team who sees my husband (my main career) once a month.

I am scared, I have not got a clue where to start, and to be honest Im not sure if I can face the hassle, the stress, the panic etc of fil.ling in forms, seeing people etc etc. I struggle to fill in a basic form at the minute, my concentration is nil and everything is like a fog in my little head....I wish i could just get by without the money but I cant......yet the though of aplying and being grilled etc just makes me anxious and more panicky

Any advice would be welcome

07-09-09, 00:05
Hi Lotte, how have you got on with this? :hugs:

I used to work for ESA benefits at jobcentre. I was only an assisstant so didn't know technical ins and outs, but I think that there are ways to make the experience a lot less stressful for you, I think if you go to the local jobcentre, or if your husband goes on your behalf, and talks to the advisors there, I think they will have information.

With the form filling part, are you ok with using the phone? You can apply that way and someone at a centre asks you some questions and types in your answers for you.

Hope you're getting ok!

15-09-09, 14:20
Hi Lotte

I applied for my ESA over the phone. It was really easy. took about 20 mins.

Then few weeks after i got the benefit had to go to the job centre to see them about going back to work.

I explained i was off sick and still had my job and that was that

mandie x

15-09-09, 19:06
Your husband might be able to fill in the form for you. He could have it sent out and maybe meet with the CAB to get help filling it out. If there are any questions he can't answer maybe he could call you.

I currently get DLA but not ESA because I was too scared to go to the medical.