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01-09-09, 18:24
can any one tell me if they have had a mri scan to check if your heart arteries are blocked. mines due on the 15th of sep iv had ecg and lung test all ok but still geting chest pain or it feels like im holding my breath i cant belive its anxiety but this test should put me right they say what happens if i have a panick attack. and they say im to injected with this stuff that makes ur heart beat faster so they can see if theirs any blockages.

04-09-09, 23:55
Hello! I had this earlier this year following chest pain and feeling of fist in center of my chest, I have a family hist of young aged cardiac probs so docs had me in hos in a flash! I cant tell you how scared I was, but it took just a few mins and wasnt nearly as scary as the state i got myself in waiting for it! I didnt have the dye one tho although the letter I got said I would, just the mri which involves laying on a table and having a large round noisy machine go over your chest a few times, you need to hold your breath when they tell you (over a speaker from bhind a screen)
It was over really quickly, I think it took 2 or 3 mins, and I got the results in about a week.
Try not to worry, it really isnt helpful (says the worlds worst worrier!!)
I promise you it is no way as bad as your mind is worrying it is! Lots of wishes for a clear scan for you hun! x