View Full Version : panicked again!

16-01-04, 17:05
i was doing so well... but today i had a pa...
and feeling low... anyone wanna chat to me?

16-01-04, 18:16
do you know what you paniced about jay. im in the middle of nervousnessits not a pa but im still a bit scared. im sleeping around my friends house and im scared to leave my dad at the door. how long did the pa go on for. my nervousness has lasted all week but im coping better today. atleast you're getting there slowing instead of not going anywhere like me.

hugs Rachel xx

16-01-04, 18:21
Hi Jay,
Sorry to hear that you had another pa. Do you know what triggered it?
I know that a pa is awful , I had many myself but one thing for sure:they wont harm you.Keep talking to us in the chat room.
Take care.
Florence xxx

16-01-04, 19:21
my manager had a go at me at work today
and that set it off

16-01-04, 21:40
Hiya Jay,

Sorry to hear you had an attack. I know it is horrid when it happens. Just "TRY" not to let what your boss said get to you too much. You are only human. Maybe your boss was really upset at someone or something else and took it out on you. Just don`t let it get the best of you. Keep posting to let us know how you are doing.


Diana xxxxx

16-01-04, 21:57
ive had 3 pa today...
and still not very good...
please talk to me...

18-01-04, 02:30

Sorry to hear you are not doing well. Try as best as you can to calm down. Do you have access to the Bach Rescue Remedy? If so, put a couple of drops in some water and sip. It will give you a relaxing affect. This should help you for the short term. If not, then try some of the techniques listed under coping on this forum. You are sure to find something that will help you. Please post again to let us know how you are doing. Good Luck dear. Just remember you are not alone, we are here for you.


Diana xxxxx

18-01-04, 10:48

I feeel really sorry for ya m8. Take time of work if ya need to. I had a PA for an hour in the early hours of sunday. Hope ya feeling better soon.


19-01-04, 22:39
Hi Jay

Sorry you have had a rough day, I hope you are feeling a little better.
If you are finding the people at work a problem, it might be worthwhile having a word with someone, so they lay off you a little bit and cut you some slack.

Imagine drawing a line under your day of panic, and starting with a clean slate.
It may take you a day or two to get yourself back in to the swing of things, the main thing is not to worry about it, not to dwell on it, but to be calm and relaxed about it.

Love, light and Best wishes
Liz xxx

[:p] Panic Monster & Scatty Eccentric

22-01-04, 23:02
I was doing okay until today. I had gone a week without major panic attack symptoms but now they're back. I am waiting to see if school went well for me or if I flunked out. I'm incredibly terrified and worried that something might happen to me. I just got up from a nap and my heart was racing really fast. I had trouble calming down so I am so worried about everything and feel depressed.

23-01-04, 02:13
Hiya Bananarbabe,

I am sorry to hear you are not doing well at this moment, but you know this to shall pass. It has before it will this time. Try not to worry to much about things you have no control over, and do some relaxation techniques to calm you down for those things you do have control over. Keep posting to let us know how you are getting on. I hope this helps a bit.

Take care,

Diana xxxxx